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Grilled Fiery White-Peppered Chicken Wings
Recipe By: "Big Flavors of the Hot Sun" by Schlesinger and  Willoughby

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  20                    chicken wings -- wings removed
     1/4  cup           white pepper -- fresh cracked
   2      tablespoons   salt
     1/2  cup           soy sauce
     1/4  cup           lime juice
   2      tablespoons   ginger -- minced
   2      teaspoons     garlic -- minced
   2      tablespoons   red or green chile pepper -- minced
   1      tablespoon    sugar
   2      tablespoons   fresh basil -- chopped
   2      tablespoons   fresh cilantro -- chopped

Sprinkle the wings with pepper and salt. Grill over a medium-hot fire until they are well browned, 5 to 7  minutes, turning a couple of times.  Take the largest wing off the fire and check for doneness by eating it.  Remove the wings from the grill and place in a large bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients, toss well, and serve.