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Dill Pickled Eggs
  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   3      dozen         Hard Boiled Eggs
                        <hopefully peeled>
   2      large   Bunc  Fresh Dill -- roughly
   2      large   Jars  -- Generic Dill Spears
                        <or slices>
   2      large         Yellow Onions -- sliced into
   1      large         Green Pepper -- sliced into
   2      large         Sweet Red Peppers -- sliced
                        into rings
   1      quart         Cider Vinegar
   1      quart         Bottled Water <Purified or
                        Spring Water>
   1      small   Hand  Whole Cloves

  Drain pickle juice into large pan. Add cider, water, cloves and dill.  Bring liquid mixture to full boil; then reduce heat to simmer for 45 minutes to one hour <make sure you can open the windows, it's rather fragrant>  Place eggs, vegetable slices and pickle spears into large glass or hard plastic container <large ice cream pail works well>.  Strain liquid mixture through a pasta collander and pour liquid over eggs and vegetables.  Let sit for 24-36 hours at >>room temperature<<  The eggs will be a very, very bright yellow and have a wonderful dill flavor the whole way through.  The vegetables and pickles will have a dill flavor never before experienced -- and can be eaten separately or used as a complimentary garnish.

Posted to the AZstarnet BBQ Mailing List by RockMc <> on Apr 18, 1998.